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gicleé prints & canvas print In Christchurch


Giclée is well known for its handmade feel, wide colour range and ability to retain minute details. At Pollittbureau Art Print, we handle all aspects of the art printing process, from scanning and art photography to high-quality giclée printing and bespoke framing.

​We offer giclée printing services for both photography and fine art. We offer high-quality art printing services that retain small details and subtle tints. Our expertise and specialist techniques mean that our prints are true to colour and long-lasting. We use precise equipment and archival quality inks and paper to ensure we have recreated rich, saturated colour and deep, nuanced tones. Whether you opt for flat canvas, stretched canvas, photographic paper or watercolour paper, our many years of experience and attention to detail means that we can offer you the perfect print, time and time again.

​We can also design and print custom-made certificates of authenticity for you to sign and number.

High Quality Large Format

We provide bespoke professional art printing services to artists and photographers in Christchurch. Our services offer a perfect solution for artists and photographers looking to produce high-quality art prints that are faithful representations of their art. Our use of giclée printing techniques and archival quality inks and paper also means that we offer prints with greater longevity than other printing options.

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Digital Printing

Digital Print

We offer a range of digitally printed products printed in small quantities - ideal for artists.

These are printed on our superb production Xerox C60 laser SRA3 printer giving rich and saturated four-colour process prints.

Our digital poster prints are printed on high-quality silk 250gsm paper.